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Jim Collins

A retired chartered surveyor, I came back to woodwork a few years ago, after enjoying it at school, getting an O’ Level in handicraft and technical drawing, and making a few things at home with limited tools and skills.

Enticed to go woodcarving by my then neighbour, Gareth, and inspired by the tutor, Alan Llewellyn, I realised that it was something I wanted to do and it has been an absorbing and relaxing occupation ever since. I now thoroughly enjoy the challenges of teaching beginners to carve.

When Mike Huntley took over the carving course, we came to the conclusion that our own workshop was needed and we found our new home in Derry Hill. Mike also ran woodwork and restoration courses at the workshop and inspired by him, I have built several Windsor chairs (two of which are now in New Zealand with grandchildren), a workbench, restored some furniture and generally enjoyed messing about with wood, making wooden planes and restoring old tools.

I am a regular at the workshop where I enjoy both the peace and quiet and the friendly folk who are members of the club. With our various and very different backgrounds we all enjoy working in a fun learning environment.

Child’s Chair
Child’s Kitchen
Child’s Chair