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Lindsey Aurora

A few years ago I went on a week-long stone carving course in Portland. I loved it, but realised that the practicalities of working with stone as a medium would be hard – heavy, dusty and best practised outdoors – so I looked to wood as an alternative.

I took a weekend course in Essex with Peter Benson (a woodcarver with 70 years experience). At around the same time I found the club website and joined as soon as I had completed the short course. On the course with Peter, I started to carve a Tudor rose and whittled a bird, both of which I finished at the club. I have also completed an acanthus leaf relief carving, a wedding plaque and a house name.

I absolutely love the club, everyone is friendly, we have a good laugh and I have learnt so much already. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and give helpful suggestions (although one of the the best bits is the cuddles with Jethro and Kya, gorgeous labradors that are a welcome distraction and give my hands a rest). For me, wood carving is like meditation and two hours in the evening is just not long enough. I have definitely caught the bug.